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rufeepeach said: hey

1. First impression: wow this girl writes like a pro.  SHE’S YOUNGER THAN ME? BUT THE WAY SHE WRITES!
2. Truth is: I wish we hadn’t stopped talking.
3. How old do you look: oh maybe 17
4. Have you ever made me laugh: all the time.
5. Have you ever made me mad: yes.  i felt like you took that whole thing about me being mad the the fandom cared more about neal than the countless poc out of proportion, and it really hurt me and made me angry when you did that.
6. Best feature: You have this heart for people that is just amazing.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: no
8. You’re my: Natalie Dormer co-worshipper
9. Name in my phone: DON’T HAVE IT
10. Should you post this too?  sure why not?



rufeepeach said: THANK YOU FOR THE STEPHEN FRY POST! I love QI as a program but goddamn that man has always skeeved me out

Stephen Fry is one of the reasons I was always like “But don’t gay men hate women?”  A lot of white abled gay cis atheist/majority religion men are misogynist and racist and transphobic as fuck. I was always very hesitant about admitting to my sexuality because of men like Fry.

There’s a difference between fighting for your rights and oppressing other groups.  Really huge difference.  As someone with bipolar and who is a part of a minority, he really should be using his influence to stand up for these people, not oppress them further with the privilege he has got.



rufeepeach said: ♪

Braille by Regina Spektor

favorite lyrics: They were just two jerks playing with matches ‘cause that’s all they knew how to play



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Album Art
170 plays


Eyes on the prize
And i can’t capsize this time
Cuz they’re somebody else in my boat

Used to live alone in a tomb
I made my own
But now i’ve gone
And given up my cool

And its cold outside
But i’m just fine
You are mine
To keep warm

Down down down i go
On a road that i don’t know
But i aint got a thing in my bag

Somethings you cannot plan
Like your hand in mine
Just put your hand in mine

And its cold outside
But i’m just fine
You are mine
To keep warm

Yeah its cold outside
But i’m just fine
You are mine
To keep warm

Sables and wine till the end of time
Oh you give me much more than that
Diamond rings and beautiful things
Oh you give me much more than that

When you smile
You are mine to keep warm

And its cold outside
But i’m just fine
You are mine
To keep warm



150 plays


Ingrid Michaelson - Overboard

I’ve listened to this song on repeat every time it gets cold since as long as I can remember.



rufeepeach said: Are your characters keeping secrets from you? (hint: the answer is always yes)

The beast still hasn’t told me a lot of important things.  the beauty is more transparent, but beauties always surprise everyone, so.  I’m scared for when that happens.


let’s take a better look
beyond a story book
and learn our souls are all we own
before we turn to stone

let’s go to sleep with clearer heads
and hearts too big to fit out beds
and maybe we won’t feel so alone
before we turn to stone

and if you wait for someone else’s hand
you will surely fall down
if you wait for someone else’s hand
you’ll fall, you’ll fall

i know that i am nothing new
theres so much more than me and you
but brother how we must atone
before we turn to stone