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Shout out to all of the brown girls whose first time shaving wasn’t a joyful step into womanhood, but an occasion marked by the shame and grief of coming home from school and begging your mom to let you do it because the kids at school wouldn’t stop pointing and laughing


a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

Haven, a Short Story


Summary: Alyssa had never asked to be rescued from her dragon-guarded castle.

Warnings: Reference to abuse.


For years, knights have come to Lady Alyssa’s supposed aid, ever since she was ten years of age.

Men with more armour than sense have spent over a decade trying to thwart the dragon, whose stolen castle Alyssa resides in, among treasures and relics and the skeletons of those who have died trying to rip her from these sandstone walls.

She had never asked to be rescued. In fact, it had been the complete opposite.

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WoC in Solidarity Mod Post: “Colored People” vs. “People of Color”



We recently got an ask from someone who was wondering if we could (privately) please explain the difference between saying “colored people” and “people of color.” This, in tandem with the amount of asks we’ve gotten where people use the term “colored person” I thought it was important to make this clear for why we don’t like this term. And even though this is easily Google-able, we’re sick and tired of seeing people using this in our askbox so here’s a one stop source. 

The term “colored people” has been around for a loooooong time. White people used it to mean anyone who was nonwhite, but was mostly used to refer to black people in a derogatory and patronizing way. “Colored people” was invented by white people in order to be Othering and discriminatory. Now we understand the term means something different in some places, but when we hear/refer to this term, the definition we just gave you is the one that matters to us. 

The term “people of color”  as we use it today is much more recent, gaining popularity in the 1970s and 1980s in order to mean any person who is nonwhite. Franz Fanon is often credited as first using the term in order to talk about racism in a more inclusive way. “People of color” as we know it was coined in order to connect “minorities” (ugh) in order to celebrate our differences while acknowledging the racism and prejudices that we all face.

Some people do not like the term PoC because it can be erasing if individual groups and people, but I think it’s more about being in solidarity with one another. It is a term that we have created and that we chose to identify as. Sometimes PoC use the term “colored people” to refer to themselves or their works (like Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf) and that’s okay because that’s our word to reclaim and our word to use.

But at the end of the day if someone is asking you not to call them something because it is offensive then do not call them that. We do not want to be referred to as “colored women,” and will delete any ask that comes at us using the term “colored people.” So stop using it.  

- the mods 

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71 Reasons Bubbline is Canon


  1. The episode “What Was Missing” is the only episode of Adventure Time to date that has ever been deemed “controversial.”  The reason for this is because it has largely been accused of possessing lesbian subtext between the characters of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. Some conservatives have even requested it be banned b/c of this.
  2. The song “I’m Just your Problem” can easily be interpreted as a song about two lovers who once had a relationship but broke up, despite at least one wanting to get back together.
  3.  We know Marceline and Bubblegum had a falling out before the series began. One could interpret that they were friends who had a fight, however as they are still friends it is much more likely to have been a romantic spat.
  4. The song “I’m just your problem”   includes sexually suggestive lyrics.
  5. Princess Bubblegum is the only character to have ever made Marceline blush, which she has done—multiple times.
  6. When Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have a fight, Marceline cries, something she never does.
  7. Marceline’s dialogue in general can be rather flirtatious, but especially when talking to Princess Bubblegum.
  8. In the episode “Go With Me” Marceline intentionally gives Finn bad advice about how to ask out PB so that he does not get a date with her.
  9. The episode establishes she has no romantic interest in Finn, and as she generally tries to help Finn when he comes to her for advice, the fact that for once she purposefully tried to sabotage his plan strongly seems to suggest she doesn’t want Princess Bubblegum to date Finn b/c she wants to date PB.
  10. Marceline also flirts with PB in this episode, further supporting this theory.
  11. Incidentally, this episode marks the first time we ever see the two interact. 
  12. In the episode Sky Witch, the usually cool and collected Marceline is very bashful when asking PB to go on a journey with her.  In fact, her behavior is very reminiscent of a shy person trying to ask their crush out for the first time. Hmm…
  13. Marceline practically jumps for joy when PB agrees.
  14. Possibly in an attempt to regain her composure, Marceline makes a sexually flirtatious  double entendre when talking to PB.
  15. Marceline’s dialogue is often laced with innuendo when speaking with PB.
  16. When PB learns Marceline only needed help finding her teddy bear, although she acts annoyed she still helps her find Hambo, rather than turning back to her duties.
  17. Marceline gave PB a t-shirt from a concert they both attended that she wears to bed every night, and sniffs it fondly when she wakes up in the morning.
  18. When Marceline found out PB still had that shirt, and liked it so much—because it was from Marceline—she blushed.
  19. PB has a photo of her and Marcy laughing with their arms wrapped around each other in her closet, which can be interpreted as a visual double entendre: That they’re both in the closet about their feelings for one another.
  20. When Maja the sky witch tells PB the only way to get Marcy Hambo back is to give her something of equal sentimental value, PB gives her the t-shirt.
  21. It should be noted Hambo was Marcy’s only companion shortly after the bomb, yet the shirt Marcy gave PB is somehow more sentimental than that…
  22. When PB sniffs the shirt earlier, she practically inhales it; that’s how much it means to her. 
  23. She never does this for any of her other gifts.
  24. Marceline is the only one to ever address PB by her first name; Bonnibel.
  25. It is heavily implied that before other people heard her addressed as such, Marcy was the only one who knew PB’s first name
  26. PB is the only person who occasionally calls Marceline “Marcy.”
  27. Ice King doesn’t count, b/c he only called her that when she was seven.
  28. The creators have actually confessed they ship it.
  29. Natasha Allegri has official art on her website of them as a couple.
  30. In the spinoff comic—Marceline and the Scream Queen—when Marceline has her first concert and the audience cheers, she just smiles, but when she sees PB cheering she blushes.
  31. Marceline gets to drink the red from PB’s pretty pink face in “Red Starved”, just like she said she was going to in What Was Missing.
  32. PB doesn’t seem at all surprised by this, implying that M has done this before and she’s totes cool wth her sucking the color from her face.
  33. In WWM, when Marceline sings the lyric about doing this, a  startled look crosses PB’s face, and before Marceline can finish the next—and very suggestive—lyric , PB cuts her off, which serves to indicate that she knows what M is going to say from experience.
  34. In “I Remember You”, when Ice King sings about his lust for PB, Marcy is enraged, has a downright jealous expression on her face, and acts very possessive, despite the fact he had already sung similar things about other princesses beforehand, and she hadn’t minded then.
  35. Marcy likes to stand very close to PB, much more so than she does to other characters…
  36. PB seems neither surprised nor bothered by this.
  37. In “Burning Low”, when PB is talking to Finn and says that sometimes responsibilities have to come before relationships, she sounds unusually bitter and it is clear she is speaking from experience.
  38. Bearing in mind all of the evidence above, it is very feasible she could be talking about her and Marceline.
  39.  PB is very responsible and hardworking, and it is very likely at least one cause for her and M’s breakup was that she felt she needed to be more devoted to the Candy Citizens, and focus more of her attention on them.
  40. The only relationship PB really could be talking about in #36 would be her and M, since none of her relationships with any other characters on the show  are anywhere near as complicated.
  41. In “All the Little People” PB and Marceline’s minifigs lay sleeping next to each other at one point.
  42. This could be interpreted as a double entendre that they’re…well, I don’t think I really need to to explain this one. 
  43. Minfig! Marcy tries to hug PB at one point. See the link below for more details
  44. Later, the two minifigs can be seen walking off together. 
  45. In the Fionna and Cake universe,—where the characters’ relationships with one another are more or less the same as they are in Ooo—Prince Gumball invites Marshall Lee to his party despite the fact ML is rude to him sometimes.
  46. In the Fionna and cake comics, they have “boys’ night” and don’t invite Fionna. Regularly. 
  47. This panel:
  48. ML calls PG beautiful.
  49. Twice. In the span of just two consecutive pages. 
  50. PG calls ML beautiful too.
  51. PG knit ML a sweater just cause.
  52. ML likes to take “naps” at PG’s house…
  53. He leaves with what is presumably PG’s umbrella, telling fionna to tell gumball he said bye.
  54. When PG is entranced by the flan, ML seems to be in a MUCH bigger hurry to rescue him than Fionna and Cake-the former of whom previously had a crush on Gumball-are.
  55. Bear in mind ML isn’t one to get particularly emotional..
  56. When Gumball’s eyes fill with tears after a failed experiment, ML looks even more concerned about PG than Fionna does. 
  57. In the Adventure time Encyclopedia, when Marceline’s dad criticizes PB, she gets very defensive.
  58. In Marceline and the Scream Queen, at one point M takes PB to her house, and her dad is home. When he sees Pb, he turns to M and goes”ah, so this must be who I heard you talk about so much” , to which Marceline responds by hurriedly escorting PB out of the room.
  59. This is the only time she’s ever behaved like this around her father when he’s meeting her friends.
  60. This page of Marceline and the Scream Queens Issue #5:
  61. In AT issue #23 Marcy is pretending to voice PB in a flashback, and mentions PB having “candy sweet saliva.” Now, how would Marceline know what Pb’s saliva tastes like…
  62. The amount of sentimentality Princess Bubblegum still harbors for Marceline was enough to raise a demon from 1000 years sleep.
  63. Interestingly enough, Maja the Sky Witch refers to Princess Bubblegum’s affection for Marceline as “residual feelings.”  Residual feelings is a term commonly used to refer to a couple who broke up, but still have romantic feelings for each other
  64. Also, isn’t it rather telling that we can still find what is arguably subtext in episodes where only one of the characters in this ship is featured in?
  65. In issue #30 of the At comics, it takes them both 59 minutes to “change clothes”together. Um…what?
  66. This takes place when they are on what can really only be described as a date at Marceline’s house.
  67. Interestingly, Marceline’s wearing a “kiss the cook”apron before Pb comes by…  
  68. Ice King says to Marceline in “I remember You” “I can have the princesses, and you can get..whatever it is you’re into.” older audiences may recognize the implication that Marceline is not heterosexual in this statement. 
  69.  If the comment Ice King made in “I remember You” is anything to go by, we know for a fact Marceline-most likely- swings both ways; 
  70. That means this ship is actually possible to be at the absolute least one sided, if not fully requited. Which it totally is
  71.  It’s been years and they still haven’t gotten over each other.

yes all of this



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it means no memories, for the rest of the night  (via suchvodka)

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Breaking via ABC News: UN Human Rights Council votes to open inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza; U.S. is the ONLY “no” vote.
That’s because the U.S. is a direct accomplice to every war crime that Israel commits.




Breaking via ABC News: UN Human Rights Council votes to open inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza; U.S. is the ONLY “no” vote.

That’s because the U.S. is a direct accomplice to every war crime that Israel commits.